Felsted Social Media

Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and live updates from Felsted School via our website, social media channels, and mobile applications.

Join our Facebook page for updates on sporting achievements, photo albums, School news and much more. www.facebook.com/felstedschool

Our @FelstedSchool and @FelstedPrep Twitter accounts act as the main central hub for the school’s Twitter communications. There are also various other Twitter accounts for specific subjects, sports, activities and trips. Please join in the conversation and share all that’s happening at Felsted (search Felsted and you will find them).

Felsted’s mobile applications, available on Apple and Android devices, are free to download and are regularly updated with the latest School news, as well as an up-to-date School calendar. To download, search for Felsted School on the Apple and Android store.

If you require assistance with the any of the above please contact the Felsted Marketing Department,
marketing@felsted.org or call 01371 822648.