At Felsted, we pride ourselves in running a total curriculum for all of our students. We believe that learning outside the classroom is just as important as learning within the classroom situation. Through participation in a wide range of co-curricular activities, events and educational visits, our students develop the social and life skills that will stand them in good stead throughout their adult life. Furthermore, success in our co-curriculum routinely builds confidence, determination and self-esteem, giving our students the soft skills that are needed for academic success.

You won’t find many schools with a longer list of
extracurricular options...

Good Schools Guide 2016

The Felsted Diploma was launched in September 2011. Each student will tackle the diploma through an individually tailored programme designed to suit their personal co-curricular interests, skills and developmental needs. Throughout the programme, students will be encouraged to reflect on how their learning in one area of school life may help them in another, thus unifying their co-curricular programme into a single coherent learning experience

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