Co Curricular

Felsted claims one of the biggest co-curricular programmes in the country, with LAMDA, golf, riding, cooking, gardening, Mandarin and judo just a few of the wealth of opportunities on offer for these lucky young things.

The Good Schools Guide

Stewart House, Ages 4-6

Children have the option at the end of the school day of either joining Woodlanders After School Club or taking part in an organised activity. These vary from term to term and include Ballet, Football, Cricket, Judo,Tennis, Gymnastics, French and Recorders.
Ffrome Court, Ages 7-8

From the ages of 7+, children enjoy and benefit from a whole range of structured co-curricular activities such as Swimming, Triathlon, Tennis, Dance, Badminton, Basketball, Chess Challenge, Riding, Music Groups, ICT, Football, Chess and Karate.

Ffrome Court’s range of ‘It Clubs’ provides a fun introduction to everything from cooking to gardening. All these activities build useful life skills that might also become the platform for future hobbies or even careers. Some children choose to take part in these Clubs after school each day, while others choose a few options each week.

All activities are managed ‘in-house’, freeing parents from having to drive their children to different activities after school each day. The ‘It Clubs’ are also particularly useful for working parents who can leave their child in a stimulating environment with their friends until 5.45 pm each day. Outside coaches and specialists are employed to develop a multitude of skills.


Cloisters, Ages 9-10 & Courtauld House Ages 11-13

Felsted life is busy with extended school days and Saturday morning school to accommodate the full academic programme and the vast range of co-curricular activities on offer. With plenty of teaching time as well as opportunities to participate in competition and performance, achievement and enjoyment go hand in hand at Felsted. 

Sporting prowess continues to develop as children extend their skills in the core sports and teams begin to take shape as the number of fixtures increases. Children are encouraged to give support and appreciation to each other in all they do and at whatever level. Each child is given the opportunity to represent Felsted in some way. A physical activity session is provided every day, whether as part of the Physical Education curriculum or as part of a co-curriculum activity, where many other sporting activities beyond the core sports are offered.

All co-curriculum activities are managed 'in-house' as part of our normal school day. Activities are also available on the earlier finishing days (Wednesdays and Fridays) so working parents can leave their children in a stimulating environment with their friends until 5.45pm each day of the week.