Felsted Sixth Form

Combining passions, creating success...

Independence, responsibility, self-discovery and motivation are the key life skills developed in Felsted Sixth. Not only do Felstedians at the top of the school learn to adapt to the freedoms and associated responsibilities of life as young adults, but they become independent learners, preparing themselves for success at university and beyond.


Academic choice

Thanks to the wide range of subjects on offer at AS/A2 and through the well established International Baccalaureate Diploma, Felstedians construct an academic programme to suit their particular strengths and interests. This motivates them to achieve the results they need to pursue the next stage of their education, often with the goal of a chosen career in mind. To support these aspirations, Felsted Sixth is a purposeful community, where students take responsibility for their own learning under the guidance of staff experienced in this stage of education. Felsted’s dedicated Sixth Form Centre is the hub of this community, a place to study, but also to relax and socialise, bringing a healthy balance to Sixth Form life. International students add to the social mix and all Sixth Formers lead the school by example, taking principal roles in the wide range of co-curricular activities available within The Felsted Diploma, and in pioneering trips abroad such as to our partner charity Magic Bus in India or to one of our Round Square partner schools. Felsted Sixth is a crucial time in the development of lifelong learners when adult ambitions begin to emerge, and Felstedians are encouraged to develop the skills and motivation they need to fulfil their individual pathways.

Educational choice and excellence

Small classes, rigorous academic teaching, close monitoring and individual tutoring give Felsted Sixth Formers the best chance of success in their chosen academic programme. Specialising in four subjects at AS Level and three or (for high achievers) four at A2 gives Felstedians the opportunity to focus on in-depth study in their specific areas of academic interest and these can be combined to create a programme tailored to the individual.

At least 25 subjects are offered at AS/A2 Level with unique combinations to suit Felstedians’ individual interests and abilities.

Alternatively, Felstedians may study the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and this two-year course of study is extremely well established at Felsted, producing excellent results. Recognised the world over and highly respected by universities both in the UK and abroad for its breadth as well as its depth, this is the ideal study programme for all-round Felstedians. The IB brings a coherent approach to learning, developing the skills of initiative and resourcefulness as well as academic excellence. Whichever academic programme is selected, Sixth Formers can rely on a personalised approach to their learning and the latest technology to assist them.